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Metamorphosis Wellness Center

The transformation has occurred. Metamorphosis Wellness is now Infinite Pathways and Quantum Pathways, two ways to wellness sharing the Metamorphosis mission, yet enhanced by distinct forms, each wing of the entire butterfly of health. We have partnered with A Sterling Solution for Your Health and Wealth Community helping to provide a network of services.

Infinite Pathways, our treatment modality, encourages, supports and provides healthy transformational opportunities to change your life through IonCleanse foot treatments, massage, reiki, and lifestyle counseling for detoxification and weight-loss.

Quantum Pathways, our sales center, brings you products to improve the quality of your life and the essense of wellness.
The Bio-Mat Is our prestige product. Please read everything you can about this marvelous product and then call us to test it and purchase your own. Join our Bio-Mat team!
Other products include the Alkal-Life Water Ionizer, Ion Spa Footbath, Living Water Showerheads, Natural Air Ionizers, The Cell Phone Neutralizer, and Powerworx e3, household energy saving system.


To assist and empower all clients on their unique journey of health and healing, by cleansing, toning and rebuilding the body, mind, soul and spirit.
• We assist clients in developing an awareness of ownership of their own wellbeing.
• We assist clients in developing an understanding and appreciation for the importance of preventative care.
• We assist clients in developing an understanding that, as people, they are not simply a collection of mechanical parts, but a dynamic system of physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects functioning in an intergrative manner for optimal wellness in the world.

“Trust your Intuition and let your inner light shine.”